Touch Up Markers

Dye Felt Markers


Touch Up Solution’s easiest marker to use and maintain is a capillary flow marker with dye (translucent) colour. Ideal for adding and adjusting shades on top of a base colour without any muddy effect. However, it is not suitable for use directly on top of substrates.Dye Felt Markers are designed for excellent flow and adhesion. This formulation is mainly for repairing edges and scratched on wood and laminate. Always test for adhesion/ Interior use only. Available in 24 colours.

Blender Marker can be is made with clear material and is designed to be used to lighten and blend the Dye Felt Markers. While wet use your finger tip to gently blend the material into the defective. 01. Series II Felt Markers 24 Coloursv2


Pigmented Valve Markers


Valve Marker designed for lighter to dark transparent wood finishes and laminate. Contains pigments, which seal, stain and finish in one easy operation. Ideal for edge and scratch re-colouring and can be used in conjunction with Fill Sticks and Burn-In sticks. For further protection it can be over-sprayed with Aerosol Topcoats. Always test for adhesion/ Interior use only. Available in 48 colours.  

02. Pigment Valve Markers 48 Coloursv2


Basecoat Valve Markers

Basecoat Valve Marker designed for easy flow (opaque) colour. Used for touching up light and dark stained or painted wood finishes with burn marks, glue lines, fills and other objectionable colours in substrate. Always test for adhesion/ Interior use only. Available in 7 colours.


Graining Pen Brush


Graining Pen Brush features a thin brush tip applicator. This allows you to apply colour over the defect area of a scratch or fillers including Fill Sticks, Burn-In Sticks, Epoxy Sticks, Wood Fillers and many other applications. Always Top Coat to seal in Graining Pen Brushes. Always test for adhesion/ Interior use only. Available in 7 colours.

05. Graining Pen Brush 6 Coloursv2


Powder Sticks


Powder Sticks are a new version of powder stain in an easy to apply stick, which are used to add colour when repairing and touching up wood. They can be used to add or alter the colour of Markers, Fill sticks, Burn-In Sticks and Epoxy Sticks. Powder sticks should never be used for filling. They are soft, easy to control and easy to apply. They can also be used on sand-throughs, raw edges, glue spots and joints.

These sticks are designed for blending colours, using your finger to achieve the colour match. Always Top Coat to seal in Powder Sticks. Always test for adhesion/ Interior use only !  Available in 24 colours. 10. Powder Sticks 24 Coloursv2


Clear Valve Markers

Waterborne Finish Marker for durable small finishing repairs on flooring and furniture. Note may take up to 8 hours to fully dry. Available in Gloss, Semi-gloss, Satin and Flat.Always test for adhesion/ Interior use only.

04NL. Clear Top Coat Marker 4 Sheens v2