CA Glues


 The term “CA” is short for Cyanoacrylate, a one-part instant cure adhesive. A chemical synthesis process produces Cyanoacrylates by acetate to acrylate. This process also includes the first purification step for making Cyanoacrylates. TUS CA Glues are further distilled until this crude acrylate becomes a Cyanoacrylate monomer that is a least 99.5% pure. This high purity level gives TUS CA Glues superior cure strength, reduces cure times and helps increase stability and shelf life.

TUS CA Glues are industrial grade surface formulated to provide bonding on a wide variety of materials without primers.

TUS CA Glues are available in Thin, Medium and Thick varieties and also available are Activator (for speeding up cure) and a De-Bonder.