Nick Kit Box


Our Nick Kit™ Repair Kit is especially designed for the non-professional to repair minor nicks and scratches on all types of furniture.

Perfect for delivery van

Perfect for the showroom

Perfect for smaller stores


1 x 0696B-S209 Graining Brush Pen – Extra Dark Walnut

1 x A0653-24 Set of 24 Fill Sticks

1 x A0940-12 Set of 12 Dye Felt Markers

1 x 0962-0000-0100 Blender Marker

1 x 0323-0000-3513 Flow Out Top Coat Clear Aerosol – Satin

1 x 0323-0000-1013 Flow Out Top Coat Clear Aerosol – Flat

1 x 0345-S190-0013 Wax Remover Aerosol

1 x 0335-9016-0013 Scratch Remover Aerosol - Natural

1 x 3M03-08888E Glass Cleaner Aerosol

1 x 0851-0000-0008 Cabinet Cream

Also Levelling Cards, Steel Wool, Sanding Pads & Trace Cloths


Option: FRD-NK16BT above kit with A0650-12 Set of Edging Sticks

Suggested extra item to be added: Stanley knife